• Participate in our research
  • Participate in our research

MRC Community Engagement – Professor Emad El-Omar, Naomi Strout and Isabelle Ibrahim present at the Shire Wellbeing Festival

The inaugural Shire Wellbeing Festival, commencing online Friday 29th May, will bring together a unique team of health warriors for an interactive discussion on all things Gut!

Hosted by Cronulla local, Zhenya Gerson of Exhale, the ‘Gut Summit’ will feature researchers from the St George Hospital Microbiome Research Centre at UNSW Sydney, one of our favourite local Naturopaths Sharon Hespe, aka the Good Gut Girl, as well as Naturopathic Physician Heather Elliott who will provide an overview of macro nutrients and their role and function in health.

Hear from Professor Emad M El-Omar, Director of UNSW’s Microbiome Research Centre at St George Hospital, a world-class microbiome-focused research centre solely dedicated to studying the microbiota in health and disease. What we eat, who we date, our physical activity, our environment, and even our ethnicity impacts on our microbiome.

He will be joined by Naomi Strout, Executive Officer & Project Manager for the MothersBabies Study, to discuss how this observational study is investigating changes in the human microbiome from pre-pregnancy through to your baby’s first birthday, to find out how our pre-pregnancy lifestyle impacts health and pregnancy outcomes.

The study is seeking to recruit 2000 women from across NSW, and follow them for their pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and birth, and post-natal journey, aiming to find out how our pre pregnancy lifestyle impacts health outcomes and how we can change our microbiomes for the better – not just for us, but for future generations.

And Isabelle Ibrahim, Clinical Project Manager for the Healthy Optimal Australian Microbiome (HOAM) Study will also join us to discuss how to identify someone with good gut health and what that actually means.

Professor El-Omar from the Microbiome Research Centre said he was looking forward to being involved in The Shire Wellbeing Festival and encouraged everyone that has an interest in improving their health and wellbeing to register and participate in this unique discussion.

“All diseases begin in the gut, said Hippocrates, the Ancient Greek father of medicine! A healthy gut is your ticket to a healthy and happy life. Look after it well and it will reward you” said Professor El-Omar.

The ‘Gut Summit’ has been put together as part of The Shire Wellbeing Festival and is totally interactive, allowing participants to get involved and submit questions live for discussion.

The Shire Wellbeing Festival will run from Friday 29th May to Sunday 31st May at www.shirewellbeingfestival.com, featuring specialised content from some of the most knowledgeable and respected health and wellbeing educators, professionals and businesses in their fields. The online festival aims to support all backgrounds, age groups and abilities in healthy sustainable living and total wellness.

This is a completely free event for everyone to participate in with all sessions made available; supporting the community to become educated, inspired and empowered in their own wellbeing journey while making meaningful connections to nature, each other and a unique support network of health and wellbeing experts, therapists, healers, teachers, guides and educators.